Saturday, 31 May 2014


I was recently inspired by a tv show on food network (I can't remember the name of it sorry, it was similar to diners, drive-ins and dives) where the presenter would go around the USA and sample all the delights of what America had to offer which only meant one thing....SUPERSIZE FOODS!

From a three course meal breakfast to a whooper of a lunch menu everything on This show was crazy big! (Even the presenter was on the large side to put it nicely), anyway a lightbulb went of in my head  whilst watching this and I thought, if they can do it why not me.

That's when it hit me..

...I could create a mini web series making, baking and creating all things SUPERSIZE! From snacks and biscuits to everything in between. So I sat down and started to brainstorm ideas, and visualise how I would transform a basic afternoon snack time treat into something of an enormous and epic proportion.

To start with I had to decide what snacks to supersize and I came up with a few, the first being the British Classic: A Jaffa Cake !

So I went to my local Tesco and bought a packet of McVities Jaffa cakes (other Jaffa cakes are available) and started to deconstruct it. Turns out it's a pretty simple cake...or biscuit...or cake?

There were only three layers which I could easily replicate and supersize. Firstly there was the vanilla cake base, orange jelly middle and chocolate top. Simple right?

So that's when I donned on my apron and started to get to work. If you want to see what happened

then I made a little video showing you all my steps. Feel free to give it a watch below;

Also, if you have any other suggestions or snacks you want me to supersize then please leave me a comment as I would love to hear what you have in mind ! 

Thank you, until next time,
Rachel Ward

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  1. Looks good. I might have to try this as I think my girls would love it.